Grenadian | Irish

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I was originally born in Manchester with my mum and my kinda dad around the time. My dad's Irish but my side comes from Grenada in the Caribbean. We’ve got a lot of mix in the family mainly my gran's side. We’ve experienced and been through a lot. I’m currently in the TA part of the reserves and wish to join the Met and give a bit more to the people I care about. Especially because of how we are treated, some things are not towards us, we’re not this aggressive bunch of people, destroy the stereotype, that’s why I really wanna go for it, You can get there with just a little hard work and dedication. 

There have been times when I go to an interview and they’re like, “oh gosh another guy” and when they hear my voice it kinda blows them away cause they think I’m gonna start speaking ‘road' but they see the way I speak is very formal. It does step in the way of some jobs. In my current placement. It’s not nice because they do stare and look at you and say, “Why are you here still” but you get on with what you need to do. When I was 8 my mum explained to me, you are dual heritage, don’t let no one say you are mixed raced, you are black. Well my dad is the white side of me, I see my self as black because I see my mum as a black independent woman that raised me. I don’t like to really think of myself as mixed race really as the white side of me really didn’t care. Since he wasn’t there I kind of take it personally, I’ve seen it happen to my friends. White dad and black mum, it gets you down. That is exactly why I don’t see myself as mixed. As long as someone has a very nice personality and you’re going to treat people correctly. My girlfriend, she’s white and I love her a lot, she treats me well and I treat her well.

I want to be someone with a bit more power, someone who can change the way things are now, because it doesn’t seem like it will. We will always be the underdog, that person who will always be stepped. I would love to come back and make it so that we don’t have to deal with that. We are causing more harm than good.