Trinidadian | English

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I was born in Aldershot near Guildford. When I was at school there was an incident where I highlighted my hair as it was a big trend at the time and all the kids in my class were doing it. As my hair is much darker, when I did the same thing I was picked on by the head teacher, I was asked to go to the office multiple times and trial my hair in different styles to see if it would look ‘better’. I refused to do this and was suspended from school for a day. After this I lost confidence and was moved to a different school by my mum. I am a teacher and have taught in schools in lower and higher-class areas, I don’t think in this time mixed children are treated differently. I do however think I am oblivious to it as I do not identify as one particular race. When I look in the mirror I do not see colour, I am who I am. If I had the opportunity to come back to the world again I wouldn’t choose to change myself in any way, I like who I am. One day I do believe that everyone will be a little bit mixed. The world is changing and because we are travelling more it is inevitable that everyone one day will be a little bit mixed. I think it’s weird that anyone is a single race, I think it keeps them limited.