Anglo-Indian | Indian

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I identify myself as Anglo-Indian. Because of my light skin I would look at myself as being different. I also don't speak any Indian languages as my father’s first language is English so we mainly spoke English at home.

My mother was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya and later moved to India. She speaks Swahili, English, Gujarati and Hindi which I think is amazing.

My dad was born in northern India. He studied at a British military boarding school and his family lived in an Anglo-Indian community. Anglo-Indians stem from the colonisation of India, my dad has Scottish, Portuguese, Irish & Australian in his heritage.

Throughout my life I have always surrounded myself with people of different races and cultures. When I was younger I did not connect with my Indian heritage however in recent years I feel that the bond has strengthened. I’m not sure if it is because of my age or because I am married and kids are on the cards but I do want to pass on the legacy.

I think now that the world has evolved there isn’t as much negativity towards mixed race people but maybe I feel this way because I didn’t see being mixed for me as an issue. Growing up in a predominantly white area I think being a colour other than white was what made me stand out, my dad funny enough didn’t experience as much racial prejudice as he has fair skin and green eyes so he ‘blended in’.

When I was a child I was excluded from certain social groups in my primary school because of the colour of my skin, my parents then put me in a mixed school with a mix of races and religions and I think this really shaped my upbringing.