Hong Kong Chinese | Scottish

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I grew up in Scotland and lived there for 18 years. I went to a ballet boarding school and my brother and me were the only two who looked different in a small beautiful beach town on the coast. My brother is 8 years older than me and he was bullied for being different. For me I stood out and was quite popular so I’m not sure if it was because of our personalities or because of the color of our skin.

My mum moved away from her family when she was 16, my dad left Hong Kong when he was 19 to study. They met in Glasgow. I left Scotland when I was 18. My dad now has moved back to Hong Kong. I have a strong connection with both Hong Kong and Scotland; I love to visit my dad. I love being mixed, I feel very lucky.

I think being mixed race has always done me favours; I’ve always stood out. When I walk into an audition I have confidence because I look different, I know I will catch the casting directors eye. In my line of work it works well for me.

For me, families are very important. When I date a guy, I date guys whose parents are still together. I crave stability, my families are separated and because they are far away from me I crave that closeness.

It always shocks me that people can still be racist, I still remember the racist experiences I have had. It’s always older men that make comments. The local butcher for example making comments and my mum having to take it. It shocks me because I look in the mirror and see myself, I don’t see anything different. I think I used to be angry but I’m not anymore.

If I had the opportunity to come back and change who I am I wouldn’t change the way I am, the only things I would change would be my regrets. 

I see mixed people as the best; we have the best of both worlds. We take the strongest genes from each of our parents, that’s what I’ve always been told.