Chinese | English

I was brought up in Newbury.  My Mum is Chinese, but she was brought up in Vietnam. My mum taught me how to cook Chinese food and Vietnam dishes from a very young age which is great because if I was not mixed, I would never know how to cook real Chinese and Vietnam home food, its different then in the restaurants. Restaurants supply a more fast food style of cooking. There were not many mixed race people around in Newbury when I was growing up;some people never realized I was mixed.  But then sometimes every now and then I would be asked, “where are you from?“ or “where are you really from?“. My mum used to take my sister and I to Chinese Language School when we were young but we never continued so I don’t speak the language. I think every one has their own background, we have loads of creative people around these days so I think the more people who mix the better it is. I now live in Peckham, South East London. I find there are loads more people mixing culturally among the younger people, people are more relaxed with mixed culture than back in the day.