African American | Ukrainian/Bohemiam/German

Photo credit: provided by @terryblack192 on Instagram

Photo credit: provided by @terryblack192 on Instagram

I am African American, Ukrainian, Bohemian, and German. I am a Christian and I am in an amazing relationship with my boyfriend. Both of my parents are from The United States and they met at a party when they were young. My parents always made us turn being mixed-race into something we loved about us instead of feeling embarrassed of my heritage. They both shared their cultures with each other. I love interracial relationships. It’s my favorite thing. My boyfriend and I are actually an interracial couple! I chose my boyfriend not because of my culture but just because I loved everything about him.

When I went to a photoshoot, the photographers told me that I was really good for modelling because I looked ‘racially ambiguous’, because I was mixed. People sometimes say they wish they were tan like me because I’m mixed and always look tan.

People would always ask if I was adopted when I was just with my Mom. I felt like I didn’t fully fit in with the Black kids because I wasn’t black enough. I also felt like I didn’t fit in with the White kids because I wasn’t White enough. When I was younger I was bullied at my old church for being ‘too light’. I connect to my culture by talking about past experiences passed down from family stories. We make food that our Grandparents passed down. I have not visited any of my native countries but I plan on visiting them all someday.

When I was younger I was embarrassed that I was mixed. Now that I’m older, it is one of the main things that I have come to love about myself! I do feel that my workplace is inclusive of culture, gender & sexuality.

If I were born again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I say that because it’s taken me so long to love who I am and I wouldn’t change that for anything.