Belgian | Congolese

Photo credit: Selfie

Photo credit: Selfie

I was born and raised in Liège in Belgium, a very diverse city.

My mother is Belgian and adjusts and identifies with many cultures. My father is Congolese, he’s very integrated with the culture here yet has a very strong African background. My parents met at a night out in Jodoigne, a small city in the Brabant-Wallon region.

I’m a pretty social person and mix well with everyone. The irony of being mixed-race to me is that I feel White when I’m with Black people and Black when I’m with White people. It’s just my perception of it. I was 4 or 5 when I realized that I was mixed-race. There was a little Black girl in my class and at home I told my mother about her, mom then explained my heritage to me.

Race and cultural differences are of no importance to me when I make friends. They come from all kinds of cultures and different backgrounds and are indeed very diverse.

Generally, I think people are very interested in mixed-race people over here rather than being racist, and I’m personally often compared to people like Yannick Noah or actors of mixed-race.

I have not really had racist experience except for once when an old lady was literally scared of me sitting beside me and clutching her handbag as though I would steal it from her. That felt awkward. The positive aspect of my mix to me is that the ladies love it.

My cultural background has not affected any of my relationships. I think in the future there will be a lot more mixed-race people since today there’s so much diversity already and I think this trend will continue. There will always be the odd racist, but I can live with that.

Apart from a regular job I’m an artist, I paint and I’m also a tattoo artist. Anytime I’m off work I indulge in my artistry.

If I were to be reincarnated I would love to come back as myself but a million Euros richer. Ah well that’s just my sense of humour.