Scottish | French/Moroccan

I am a time-travelling ghost driving a flesh coated skeleton with wide eyes and a big smile! My Mum is French/Moroccan, my Dad is Scottish. They met at a dinner party in England, they were sat next to each other and she got cold so he gave her his coat. Sadly they only stayed together for 5 years. I lived with my Mum in England but me and my sister travelled a few times a year to see our Dad in the highlands of Scotland. I have always known I was mixed-race, I was brought up bilingual French-English.

I am so blessed to have friends from all over the world and am immensely grateful that I have had the opportunity to travel lots in my life and learn new languages and experience different cultures.

I am also blessed that I have dated people from many reaches of the globe, it’s such a fantastic way to understand and appreciate other cultures. It’s difficult when you don’t speak the same language, but languages can be learnt.

Unfortunately there are humans who find it difficult to understand other cultures. I think this comes from a place of fear and ignorance. People do not understand things that are different from what they know, so they choose to shun them. Embracing every culture on the planet is so much more interesting and for filling. If you treat people how you would like to be treated then you are winning, if you respect someone, no matter where they are from, then you hope they will also respect you. NO BODY CHOOSES WHICH VAGINA THEY ARE SHOT OUT OF! We are all skulls, underneath all the same, yet we all are products of our environments and all have different brains. It’s the best thing about humanity, never boring!

My little sister had to leave her school because she was badly racially bullied for being Jewish. This was when she was 9 years old, it was really sad because no child is born racist, my Mum met with the parents and realized what was going on and so decided my sister should change schools. My Mother is Jewish, and my father is Christian. I was brought up practicing two religions due to divorced parents, which is very confusing by the time you’re 8!

If I had the opportunity to be reborn I think being a bird would be nice, maybe some sort of eagle, I’d love to fly!