Turkish | Ghanaian

I identify as a Muslim and am mixed-race. My father is Ghanaian, and my mother is Turkish. They met at University when my mother came to study English when she was 19. My dad kept trying his luck, but my innocent mum kept ignoring him, apparently, he was a charmer and she gave in the end. They got married but my grandparents didn’t approve at all. I grew up in London.

I was around 7 years old when I first began to understand I was of mixed ethnicity.

I have friends from many cultures, however my closest are also of mixed heritage. I think it’s simply because we grew up together and went to the same schools. When dating I look for a woman who listens and supports me in my goals and ideas.

I don’t think there is still bias attitudes towards mixed-race people. I think people just think I’m Black lol but can’t put a name on my heritage until I explain. I’m proud to be Black I guess but I’m not fully Black.

I was in Turkey at around midnight waiting at a bus stop and this man kept staring at me for a long while as if he had never seen a mixed person before. I started speaking Turkish and he nearly fell over. Soon after my uncle arrived, and the guy staring was even more confused.

If I had the opportunity to return I would want to return as me. I’m proud of my achievements thus far and what I still have set out to do. I became a landlord at 24 simply from working hard, saving money and looking after my credit rating. I’m now 26 and I own 2 properties. I owe a lot to my mother who kept me straight and taught me important values of life. We are both doing pretty well I must admit. We grew up on a council estate, so it was hard at times.

I think cultures sometimes prevent mixed-race from happening, if my mother didn’t allow me to go Turkey and understand the cultures as well as learn the language I’d just be mixed-race with no content. I can speak fluent Turkish as a result and visit my family a lot in Turkey. My dad didn’t really involve me much in the Ghanaian culture which is sad, I still eat African food and will always represent Ghana with full effect, but my heart lies in turkey I must admit.