Singaporean | Unknown

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I identify myself as mixed, open minded and an agnostic. My mother is from Singapore, my father’s origins are unclear. My father isn’t spoken about in my family, so I do not know where they met. I’m born and bred in London

I remember being around 7, in the bath and thinking the ‘dark’ was coming off me and being incredibly excited to look like my friends.

My friendship circle is very mixed. I don’t feel a part of any race, culture or religion. My mother is my only family member in this country. Roots aren’t important to me, I never want to be defined because of where I’m from, only where I’ve taken myself.

I’ve dated across the racial spectrum and it’s never been an issue for me. I suppose I would only be attracted to those who are very open minded and liberal and therefore perhaps I also attract a certain type of person.

I do think there are still stereotypes, we’re either too light or too dark mongrels. That’s fine, I’ve never fitted in nor felt the need to. I thrive on being the mongrel.

In the 80’s and 90’s, attitudes were just different. We had the white power bricks thrown through our window, I had bullying because my house was the one with the chicken and rice etc, my mother had to leave her job as a result of racial bullying. As for positives I’m not sure, I suppose I’ve learned it’s fine to not conform.

I don’t know if I would want to be reincarnated. This life is exhausting enough, I’d like to rest in PEACE.