Jamaican/East Asian | Kenyan/South Asian

I identify as mixed-race, straight & a Christian. My mum is Jamaican and of mixed Black & East Asian descent. My dad is Kenyan and South Asian descent. They met in High School. I grew up in North West London.

I was always raised to understand I was mixed. My friendship circle is largely Black Caribbean/African but also White and mixed-race. When it comes to dating I look for someone I can vibe with, shared interests which usually means we have an understanding of a similar cultural background but not always.

I think there’s a growing understanding / intrigue in mixed-race people, but still any conversation lacks nuance and insight.

I remember being out with my Asian friends when I was in school, casually thinking I blended in and one girl said ‘oh, you’re the Black one’. This was the first real time I experienced people putting me in a box of either/or and not both.

If I was to be born again I would come to come back exactly as I am, maybe a bit taller.

The term ‘mixed-race’ is already becoming questionable and is not fit for purpose. I reckon new words to describe the complexities of being mixed with multiple varied backgrounds and heritages. The understanding is still centred and focussed on whiteness and we need to move away from that.