Indian | Irish

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My mum is Irish, and my dad is Indian Gujarat. I don’t speak Hindi, but my family speak Kutch which is a little village language in Gujarat. It is quite hard to find anyone in the UK who speaks it. The majority of our Indian family are based in Bombay, so we used to go there for all of our holidays, my dad felt it was very important to go so that we would experience our culture. I would love it, the colours and people.. and the children who would look like me a bit. The dancing as well would come naturally to me. I feel spiritually connected to India.
I was born the UK; my mum was born in Sheffield and my dad was born in India. He came over in his teens but actually went to Berlin first due to the textile business his family ran. He was there when the wall went up and also when the wall went down. My dad speaks Hindi, Kutchi, German and then English. After the wall came down he went over to the UK with his sister, his parents went back to India.
My parents met in a wine bar in the UK, my dad was one of the first to step away from arranged marriages in his family and marry outside of the culture. My aunt also married away from the culture. The whole family didn’t meet until the wedding day, they had the Indian wedding in Bombay. At first, they didn’t want her to sit with them but based on her behaviour and respect they accepted her and now speak to her I think more than my dad. They had the Indian wedding first and then a white wedding here in the UK.
I would like to meet someone who had a mix, they don’t have to have my mix but some sort of mix. I am interested culture and stories and backgrounds. I think it is very important to have someone who understands everything, so they aren’t surprised when they hear my background. I am fragments of these different cultures and I don’t want someone to hold me accountable for it.
There are parts of Indian culture that I love and then there’s parts of Irish culture that I love. I feel I am closer to my Indian culture, it has built me to be who I am. I have moved towards Hinduism and Buddhism.