Indeterminate mixed race

Samuel James Dewese.jpg

I am of indeterminate mixed race presumably half black but I'm adopted. I was born in Chicago and adopted as an infant. So the parents who raised me are white and I have never endeavoured to do any research really into finding out anything more. I actually grew up in Chicago.

There have only ever been a couple times where I was acutely aware that someone maybe did a double take I suppose or was surprised that the parents who picked me up were mom and dad. The one that really I would say stands out is I would have been 13 and my mom and I had gone to some sort of event where we had our photo taken something for school and I just saw it sitting on a table and I said Oh that's MINE. I mean my mom and this kid couldn’t look more different. A 13 year old said you must look a lot like your dad. And I've been lucky. I think I'm a relatively assertive person. I'm quite sure of myself.

I've been lucky in that people for the most part just take my word and I move in the world in a quite confident way. So I always say yes, they’re my parents and they're so great. Particularly as I've grown older I have found that there are times where I certainly feel on the fringes socially if I go out but nothing particularly has happened here because I found that the UK in general friendships are much more kind of just whoever is around. Whereas in America especially I grew up in a very upper middle class white neighbourhood. I was the only black male at elementary school and then in middle school there were a few but I was always too white for the black kids, too black for some of the white parents.

Actually something blew my mind in America when I was 17 or 18 I had to go to the hospital and I was filling out a form with my dad and the doctor or a nurse or something. And the only options were black, white, Hispanic, Asian like East Asian and even the nurse was like it's 2006 we should have mixed race available.