English/Turkish | Mauritian

I identify myself as Mixed-Other and do not follow a particular religion however; I do believe in a higher being and I pray frequently. I am quite a spiritual person who thrives on energy. I believe in positive, clean thinking.

My mum was born and raised in England and is half-English and half-Turkish. My father is (Mauritian) Creole and was born and raised in Mauritius. They met in the George Cannon pub (now Hootenanny) in Brixton. My dad is a Musician and was playing a gig with his band at the time. I grew up in Brixton.

I was about 4 or 5 years old when I realised I was of mixed heritage. Mainly because of people’s reaction to my tan when I came back from holiday.

My friendship group is very mixed and diverse. Age, gender, race and background vary amongst my friends. As long as you have a good, clean heart - that is the main thing for me.

I do not have a particular type when it comes to dating. I have never dated a fully English person; however, that is just due to circumstance. I am open with dating irrespective of race or background.

I think there is bias towards all races. My personal experience has led me to believe that society feels uncomfortable with what they deem as ‘different’. It is the same with race; society feels that you have to fit into a ‘box’ or a certain category and for me this is nonsense. I actually met someone this year who tried to tell me that I am White. He believed that only three races exist; Black, White and Spanish. He said, ‘Well, you’re not Black, you said you aren’t Spanish, so you must be White’. I think this is probably the most shocked I have ever been by someone else’s outlook on race.

If I had the opportunity to be reincarnated I would want to come back exactly as I am.

I genuinely feel being of mixed heritage is always going to be a tricky topic, especially when your mix is not just Black/White. People do not understand and so they label it when really, they have no right to do so.