English/Irish | Moroccan

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My mum is English / Irish and my dad is Moroccan.
It's quite romantic actually, they met in Belgium at a funfair. Mutual friends introduced them and two weeks later they'd moved in together, 4 weeks after that they got married in secret. They were really young 18 and 21 and they are still married today. 
I grew up in Colchester, in England, and I also lived in Casablanca for a year. 
I didn't realize that I was different, particularly until people started making certain comments about me. I remember being in the infant’s school and these older boys would just jump on me, squash me and call me fat lips. I had a thing about my lips for ages because, compared to a white persons lips, my lips were different.  I suppose it is these little things I remember. I also remember being pushed over in junior school and someone said, I don't like you because you're brown. I was not even aware that I was brown, I didn’t really think of it. I remember my friend at school whose family was Irish and she said to me, don't worry; you're not that Brown. She was really trying to make me feel better, which was so sweet.  Then I spoke to my Irish granny about it and she just said, ‘why did they say that? Is it because you're a Brownie? I knew it wasn't that, I knew it was something bigger and my granny just said to me 'you've got gorgeous skin color and you're beautiful ' and all this kind of stuff.  Even though it wasn't her race, she knew what to say I think. 
My dad always said to me growing up, you're lucky because you get to choose the best of all the cultures, you can pick and you can choose. And I think I'm just aware of how much I do that now and in a weird way it's almost led me to my career path which is acting. 
A friend said to me, 'you're really lucky, the reason you and your sister are so healthy is because you're mixed race so genetically you’re superior' Odd to be told that, but her dad's a genetic scientist, so I think, yeah, that's why she said it. I feel that it will become much of the norm to be mixed race in the future and I think the world will become a bit more like what London is now.