English/Irish | Jamaican

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I've never been to Ireland and I've never been to Jamaica but I do have a sense of connection with both countries because of my family. I've been around them and listened to their stories, and the vibes of their culture is embedded into me, so it's like I’ve been there but not been there. One day I will go there both to Ireland and Jamaica but just when I don’t know yet. My Grandmother passed away not too long ago she was 92. She passed away in England but she was from Ireland and she taught me to be kind. 
I used to hang around with predominantly black people and then I transitioned to predominantly white people. I had a mixture of friendship groups I’ve always known that I've been a mixed race. I was denied a bit, not my black culture, but black understanding when I was younger, because maybe I did not ask enough questions. I was living with my white side more. 
As I've got older I've decided to actually explore my roots and understand my energy and where it comes from, it’s a long journey. 
I do energy healing, so it’s important for me to understand who I am. It’s really deep it's not just race but it’s connecting the spiritual side within and knowing that we are all connected, we come from the same source. We come from this planet spinning around space, we are all from here this is our home, we sadly put labels and divides on who’s who and who's what, but really we are all just one together. I've learned that through a bit of mixed race education really. 
I practice Reiki that's Japanese and I love Indian philosophy and the Afro African American inspirational quotes. Different cultures have inspired me to become the person I am today. Everything is mixed in me really. 
My late twenties has been more positive, when I was younger I used to shave my hair, wear waive, I did not want to have white hair basically, even though I had this lovely hair underneath, I didn't really see it as lovely and changed it. When I look back on this I find it bizarre now, all that money spent on waive. But now, I have started to love myself, and understand who I really am and just accepted myself for who I am and not.