British | Thai

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I haven’t been to Thailand in ages, maybe 8 years or 9 years. I really wanna go back but it is about finding time and money. It’s weird because I know I have this whole other family but I never see them. I wish I was more in touch with my Thai family and Thailand. They’ve never been here. My whole life is here. I see myself more being British. People never know where I’m from, they hear the name and they are like, “oh, where is that from”. Err its from my mum.. And my dad. It’s nice being mixed though. Having another culture to tap into and have as family and obviously Thai cooking which is the best obviously.

My school was pretty white. I did really enjoy it when people used to come over and my mum would cook them Thai food and everyone’s take home thing was the sticky rice. They’d never had it before. All the seven year olds would go back to their mums and ask them to make sticky rice. And looking back on it now they would probably have been like, "what is that?!". I used to speak fluent Thai because I was in school there when I was a kid. I went to school there and learnt it for a bit and just absorbed it. I came back from Thailand back into school and I was just speaking Thai and I think everyone was a bit like, what is going on?! I can understand it and speak a bit now but because I just never get to practise it and my mum spoke to me in english at home, it's difficult. It is a shame really. My parents when they want to speak about me, they speak in Thai. I can kinda understand it though and I’m always like don’t try and out sass me speaking my own language.