British | Thai


I am British at the end of the day but nobody knows where I’m from when they look at me. I’ve had people call me an Aussie, Portuguese, Jamaican, its crazy. Being racially ambiguous is quite interesting, people are always surprised when I tell people i’m half Thai and half British but I mean to me it doesn’t really matter. Home is home for me. Every time I go back to Thailand or go back to Reading to see my mum, it feels like I am amongst my family. I feel like I can bridge the gap between the UK and South East Asia - the Thai people see me as family and welcome me with open arms every time I go back. My family has always been really accepting of my dad who is white. Historically there has always been a bit of a white presence in Thailand from occupation and the war in Vietnam and stuff. Being mixed race has definitely kind of helped me get through a lot of hardships that perhaps other people struggle with maybe. I’ve never suffered from discrimination because I feel I can mingle and get by pretty well. I do love to embrace my Thai culture, every time something happens in the UK whether it be Brexit or any kind of civil/political issue, I just feel more at home in Thailand because life seems so much easier over there for me. They live the easy life and I can kind of relate to that.