British/Italian | Nigerian

My ethnic background is Black British mixed. My Mum is of British & Italian background. My Dad is Nigerian but raised here in London. They both were introduced by a now family friend here in London. I grew up in South London. I was raised Catholic but have progressed into my own personal spirituality too. I am straight.

I first recognised being of a mixed completion when in primary school and experienced what it felt like being a part of both a White & Black cultured background. My parents combined their cultures by give and take.

If I am honest I don’t think I personally have experienced any challenges in my life based around my complexion that do stand out to me. I often always enjoy listening to people even without talking. And sometimes I don’t. But I do always enjoy connecting with others and taking small sparks of inspiration from all the different types of people I meet every day that I find interesting to me.

Being mixed-race has absolutely had an effect on my work/personal life. I have a strong interest and care about parts of my mixed culture that I am really keen to learn more about. In particular, I am looking forward to connecting more with my Nigerian Background!

I can’t currently speak any Italian or any of the languages spoken in Nigeria. I would be more than happy to learn. I know I would definitely feel more connected to my Nigerian background if I was able to speak Yoruba or any other languages/dialects spoken in Nigeria. I know that I am clearly more connected and in touch with British European culture than my Nigerian background, but this is something that I am learning more about and looking to change. When asked where I’m from I would usually answer is they are referring to ethnic background I'm Black British mixed. If not, I would say I’m from South London.

There are many positives of being mixed-race in my own opinion but one that stands out to me the most is being blessed to have an opportunity to learn about two or more completely different cultures and backgrounds that you are a part of. Being mixed in today’s society is beautiful.

In the case of my own reincarnation, I would love to come back as someone who is very consciously aware of some the negative things that go on in our world and who would find a purpose in making a positive change, while learning, inspiring and growing with others.