British | Indian

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Mum is Indian, dad is white. We don’t know my dad’s full heritage, but I believe he is mixed French Canadian. 

I grew up in Croydon and lived there up till recently (28 years). I was surrounded by African & Caribbean culture and because of this I didn’t see any differences between cultures and race. I only realised I was different when I was older, I feel I was very lucky as I got to experience different cultures. 

I love food, unfortunately the Indian side from my mum is very lost. I didn’t’ grow up eating traditional food. I think it’s a huge thing I missed out on as it’s a connection that I was never able to experience as a child. I have taught myself to cook Indian food and also like to wear traditional clothing. My mum came to the UK when she was 3 years old so she had a disconnect also, she came over in the time of the Raj which is when India was separating into India, Pakistan & Bangladesh so technically I am from Pakistan, when I tell people this I then get questioned why I am not Muslim. 

I never had any negative issues because I am mixed race, I do know people who have but because I am very fair the mentality is different. Being fair is very important in Asian culture, skin lightening is a huge thing and my skin tone would be seen as perfect. 

I’m planning to go to Pakistan with my mum next year, we will be visiting the part where my family lived. 
If I was to be reincarnated I wouldn’t change my heritage. If anything, I would like to experience my culture more. The food for example was lost because it was my grandmother was the one who cooked, my mother didn’t want to learn and because of this it was lost.