Austrian | Filipino

My mum is Filipino and my dad is Austrian.  My parents met in Australia.  My parent’s met in a Chocolate factory, my dad was my mum’s boss.  And they are still together.

I grew up in Australia, so my cultural background would be Australian.

It was hard for me to grow up in a westernised society, with the cultural family, because they were quite traditional old school religious type of thing. The standards of discipline in the Filipina’s are quite different. I have more of the Filipino culture in me because mum used to cook loads of cultural food. I have little Austrian culture but I am finally going to go there this year.

There is still a lot a prejudice in London but I guess that is to be expected in a large city with so many different nationalities. In Australia, feminism and equality are at the forefront unlike in London where you get catcalled in the street a lot. In Australia this would not happen. I would say in this respect London is a little backward in some ways.  In Australia we are very multicultural and if there were loads of African Caribbean people in Australia, they would get treated the same as any other mixed race Asians and would not be treated any less.