An organisation that captures portraits and stories of ethnically diverse individuals of mixed-race heritage. Our goal is to raise awareness of the vastly growing population of mixed-race people around the world and how their mixed background and cultures influence the unique way they navigate their every-day lives.

Stories are subjective, allowing each person to be open, and truthful about their own life experience and opinions.


The inspiration for mixedracefaces is in honour of Rienkje Zoet, late mother to Tenee Attoh. A dutch woman who married Tenee’s father Fred Attoh, a Ghanaian photographer, in the 1950’s and lived in Ghana for 25 years. A strong woman who broke down barriers to enter a different culture began a legacy in a time when inter-racialism wasn’t widely accepted. We have come along way now, it’s time to celebrate the mixed generations.  

We feel that it is really important to embrace our cultural backgrounds and identify with what makes you, YOU. We often talk to people about their lives and find it remarkably interesting. So much so, we wanted to share this experience with the world and document the stories of many through mixedracefaces.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Solon attoh
creative Manager

Rachael attoh
content manager

Tenee attoh
founder | Photographer