Filipino | Spanish

Adriana Lasheras Mabanta.jpg

I’m not really sure how I would identify myself. I don’t feel strongly connected to my roots or where I was born. I’m kind of just here and everything is just how it is. I never really thought about it when I was growing up.
My father was from Spain and my mother is from the Philippines, they met and fell in love when working in Milan, Italy. They moved to London when my mother was pregnant and then I was born, four years later my brother joined. I had a very privileged childhood, the community I grew up in, were all from one place or another, plucked from all over the world and somehow dropped off in London. I guess I was quite happy to be from different countries, I remember having fun making people guess where I was originally from, it seemed to be something I could show off about as a kid. Although I know people who have been affected negatively by prejudice towards their mixed race, I have never really experienced this. The only slight outer disruption due to where my parents are from came up when applying for a British passport recently and it being rejected creating a dispute between the home office and myself, which I eventually won. Apart from this it has usually brought positive experiences, for example many times when I have visited other countries I have been mistaken for a local, people have even started having a proper conversation with me in their language before realizing I don’t really understand. I don’t stand out as a tourist in many places and that is quite a nice feeling. 
In all honesty I do not spend much time thinking about where I come from, its more ‘where am I going?’, ’what am I doing?’, ‘whats the point?’ and such thoughts that fill my mind. Call me naive but I have this image that in years and years everyone will be super mixed and the differences between people won’t be such a cause of pain anymore.