Nigerian | Scottish

My mum was Irish, my dad Nigerian.  My mum and dad got divorced, during the divorce procedure my parents were both given one child each.  I was given to my mum and my sister was given to my Dad.  My Dad then left my sister with a woman he was seeing and my sister ended up in the care system. I was taken back to Scotland by my mum but then was also put in a home.  Later my mum came and took me out of the home.  My mum was then an alcoholic so we ended up living in the worse part of Glasgow. Glaswegians were very small minded and I suffered daily from racial abuse because I was black.
Years later I left Glasgow in search of my sister.

I went to the house we used to live to find my sister. An old woman who knew my parents back in the day told me that my dad had left my sister in care.  She told me to ask Social Services for help.  Social Services gave me 7 addresses which she had been passed around over the years. I spent 2 days going in circles knocking on doors. I finally got to the last address when a mixed race girl opened the door. I said to her, my name is Jacquie and I am looking for my sister and you might be my sister. The girl fell backwards…. And I was standing outside for ages.  Then she said ‘ do you want to come in … ‘. I stepped into the house and I felt I had stepped back in time.  The house was in a disgusting state.  It was quite scary. Then this large white women came to the door asking me what I wanted. The women looked sick. I turned to my sister and asked her to come away with me but she said no. I went back to Glasgow to ask my mum if she would like my sister to visit her but my mum said no. She did not want to see her ever not even at her funeral.  After my mum died I went back to find my sister again, then I heard that my sister had also died in a psychiatric hospital. (Even though my sister had never lived with my mum, she had exactly the same medical condition of self-harm which my sister eventually died off).
Sadly my sister had four children who I never knew and I guess I never will.